This website features a beautiful square piano which was built in New York City by Robert and William Nunns Piano Makers in 1828.  Acquired at auction by Ralph Thorn, the only other bidder’s intentions were to convert this beautiful, historically significant instrument into a desk. Ralph has begun the process of carefully restoring it to its marvelous original playing condition.  The case has been entirely rebuilt and refinished and work has commenced on the interior mechanisms.

It’s Ralph’s goal to keep clients engaged in the rebuilding of their piano and he keeps them informed and involved at every stage of the process. He warmly invites interested parties to visit the workshop and see the work being done to this magnificent instrument first-hand. He cautions that restoring an antique instrument like this takes time, but believes that being involved in the process of restoring such an important piece of musical history is both an enriching and exciting experience.

The cabinet work was completed by Bill Ellison and Robert Dressler.  Flooring in this picture is by Ralph Thorn.